Sunday, September 13, 2009

WHAT THE....&*$%#@!

What's that grey blob creeping across my screen? It gets worse as the day goes on. In fact right now, (3 hrs after I shot this image), its a full 3/4 of the way across the screen

Ok, so here's what happens.
You call Apple support and they confirm who you are then do a little troubleshooting. The guy is pretty sure its a monitor issue and not a computer issue so he then sends you to the next tier. That guy may possibly do a little more troubleshooting...he asked me to plug the monitor into my laptop which conformed it was a monitor issue. He then sends me to a sales type who explains how the switch will happen. They email a courier label which I print and take to UPS. As soon as the label is scanned for shipping back to Apple, another monitor is automatically shipped to me.

All in all a pretty painless experience.

There is a full one year warranty and a 30 day return policy even on the refurbs. Buy the extended warranty on monitors for a full three years.

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